If we’re just coming to watch, do we have to pay?

No, you can sit in our lovely café area to watch all of our activities.

Can we use the Soft Play area if we’ve paid for the other activities?

To use our soft play you must pay the additional charge as it is not included within the admission price of our other activities. Age limits also apply.

Why do we have to arrive 30 minutes early for our induction?

The induction is important to ensure participants safety. We require you to be in the centre 30 minutes beforehand to give you enough time to get booked in, use the lockers if you choose to and complete your induction before your time slot on the activity begins.

Are Caving and Bouldering, Clip ‘n Climb or the High Ropes suitable for my 4 year old?

These activities are suitable for children aged from 4 years upwards (height restrictions also apply). It is important that you book these sessions for your child with consideration of their strength, confidence and bravery as this will vary with each child.

What ages are the activities suitable for?

Suitable ages for the activities are as follows:

Soft Play: baby to 10 years
Caving and Bouldering: 4 years upwards*
Clip ‘n Climb: 4 years upwards*
High Ropes: 4 years upwards*

*Height restrictions apply.

What are the height restrictions on the activities?

Soft Play: not applicable
Caving and Bouldering: 1.0m tall
Clip ‘n Climb: 1.0m tall or 1.2m tall for the Vertical Drop Slide and Leap of Faith
High Ropes: 1.2m tall

Do we need to book online or can we just turn up?

We advise that for Caving and Bouldering, Clip ‘n Climb and High Ropes the activities are booked online, via our website. However you can turn up and pay for the activities on arrival but waiting times may apply.
There is no online booking required for soft play.


Sky High Adventure

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